The Role of Oracles in DeFi: Bringing Real-World Data to Smart Contracts

3 min readDec 3, 2023


Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has gained significant popularity recently, offering financial services built on blockchain technology. However, one of the challenges faced by DeFi platforms is the need for more access to real-world data. This is where oracles play a crucial role.

What is Oracles?

Oracles bridge the blockchain and the external world, providing intelligent contracts with real-time and verifiable data. They serve as trusted sources of information, fetching data from various off-chain sources such as APIs, websites, and IoT devices and delivering it to smart contracts. This enables smart contracts to interact with real-world events and make informed decisions based on up-to-date information.

In the context of DeFi, oracles are essential for various applications. For example, in decentralized exchanges (DEXs), Oracles provide price feeds for different assets, allowing traders to execute trades based on accurate market prices. Similarly, in lending and borrowing protocols, Oracles provides data on interest rates, collateral values, and credit scores, enabling the calculation of borrowing limits and interest payments. Some examples of Oracle solutions are Chainlink, Band Protocol, and SupraOracles.

Why Oracles Matter in DeFi?

Oracles provide real-world data to DeFi platforms, enabling them to:

1. Trade on DEXs with accurate and timely price feeds.

2. Secure loans and liquidity pools with fair collateral valuation.

3. Settle insurance and derivatives claims and payouts with reliable data.

4. Verify identities with KYC data while preserving privacy.

How does Mirakle use Oracles to bring real-world data to smart contracts?

SupraOracles has emerged as a player committed to addressing the security concerns associated with oracles in DeFi. With a focus on robust security protocols, SupraOracles aims to provide a reliable and tamper-resistant Oracle solution. By leveraging advanced cryptographic techniques and decentralized validation mechanisms, SupraOracles seeks to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the data it feeds into the DeFi ecosystem.

Mirakle uses SupraOracles to provide real-time price data for trading pairs on the platform. SupraOracles are designed to be highly secure and tamper-proof, using cryptographic techniques and decentralized consensus mechanisms to ensure the data’s accuracy. This helps to ensure the integrity of the trading process and protect users from potential security risks.


Oracles are the critical enablers of DeFi, bridging the gap between blockchain and real-world data. They provide smart contracts with the necessary information to perform complex functions and transactions that depend on external data and enhance the security, reliability, and scalability of DeFi protocols by ensuring that the data they provide is accurate, timely, and verifiable and that the data sources are decentralized, diversified, and incentivized. Besides, They also enable the interoperability and integration of DeFi protocols with other blockchains, platforms, and systems by facilitating the cross-chain communication and exchange of data and value and supporting various data formats and standards. As the DeFi space continues to evolve, the role of oracles will remain pivotal in bringing real-world data into the blockchain realm, driving further innovation and adoption in this transformative space.

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